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Donate today!

$40 Receive 1 General Admission ticket to our First Annual Fundraising Gala Event!

$125 You will receive 1 VIP ticket to our First Annual Fundraising Gala Event! With each VIP ticket you will receive a Swag bag filled with our sponsors merchandise, 1 meal ticket, unlimited refreshments & access to our VIP Section! 

$650 You will receive a booth to our First Annual Fundraising Gala Event! Booths includes a bottle of Champagne and seats 5 along with Swag bags filled with our sponsors merchandise, 5 meal tickets, unlimited drinks from our VIP Bar & access to our VIP Section!

Day of the Dead x Noche De Catrina

Day of the Dead x Noche de Catrina is dedicated to funding multiple series within We Are Culture Creators Nonprofit. This gala will be held at the historic St Regis hotel and will encapsulate the diverse series of work that WACC provides and produces. Your donation will be used to execute 3 community events focused on the traditional Latin holiday, Day of the Dead.

Over the past 7 years,  we are culture creators have proven itself to be an innovative and dynamic music focused program. Through its multiple programming including its iconic culture house, young adult entrepreneurship programming, and curating series, WACC facilitates over 125 events yearly and reaches thousands within the Detroit metro area. This gala will be kicking off WACC’s first annual fundraising event. As a small nonprofit, WACC depends on individual donor relationships, grants, and independent commercial contracts to sustain our programming. This is our first effort to create an annual donor list to help support the We Are Culture Creators work in music, art, culture, and community.

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