We Are Culture Creators (WACC)  is emerging as the premier cultural brand in the City of Detroit. With proven activations that have attracted thousands of fans from across the City, We Are Culture Creators Productions (WACCP) is curating the next wave of authentic Detroit music, culture and customer experience.


Upon walking into any WACC event and you can find emerging musicians, artists and creatives mingling with established entrepreneurs, political figures and business owners. From underground neighborhood venues to exclusive venues downtown tastemakers are brought together to experience the subculture of Detroit and beyond.

The WACC media team hosts multiple media series that are captured visually with both video and/or photography, aimed at highlighting the culture of Detroit. Music videos, short documentary series as well as event recaps can all be seen across social media platforms. In addition WACC is an outlet for music and features some of the best young talent in Detroit. Collectively members have been featured on Complex, Pitchfork, Vibe Magazine, The Source, and HBO. 

      Whether it is opening for a major act or moving thousands of fans across the city, WACC is becoming the premier cultural brand in the city of Detroit. A fluid movement of artists whose work ranges from break dancing to djing, and from visual media to sonic production.“We Are Culture Creators” is truly Detroit's new wave of art and culture.  View a few artists and bands we support and partner with for curation and event activation. Don’t miss out on the newest wave of Detroit music and culture!