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To provide high quality arts/entrepreneurship education for young men of color in the city of Detroit; with an emphasis on: professional development, strategic goal setting,  aesthetics, and artistic integrity. All held in a space that reflects them and their culture and is built on a foundation of family, inclusion, safety, access and love.



We Are Culture Creators is a media arts collective and label featuring some of Detroit’s best young talent. Collectively members have been featured on Vibe Magazine, The Source, Metro Times, and HBO. Currently, the label is cultivating Detroit’s new wave. Artists reside in all parts of the city & the heart of the collective ranges from 14 to 24 years old. A fluid movement of artists whose work ranges from visual to sonic.The collective serves up a performance that ranges from classic boom bap and jazzy sounds to Detroit trap. Lyricism and social content combined with mirrored truth, lead to a high energy and fun performance that can only be experienced. “We Are Culture Creators” is truly Detroit's new wave of hip-hop. Collectively they perform weekly across the city, but you may also find them in one of their own venues which showcase grassroots hip-hop monthly.

It started in one home! Founders Reyes and Elizabeth Stone started with a simple idea: provide a loving and encouraging space for up and coming youth hip hop artist; fill that space with professional equipment and the necessary training to professionalize; make that space available at all hours of the day and night; and allow those young people to actualize their abilities, talents, goals and dreams. They furthered that idea by providing workshops and practical training and discussions in financial literacy, artist management, community organizing, entrepreneurship and business. Since then We Are Culture Creators has established itself as a growing and expanding program providing young people with opportunities in both the fields of business and community. Many W.A.C.C. participants are becoming the next generation of Detroit entertainers and entrepreneurs.  




We provide a loving and caring environment creating a place for young people to self actualize. Through collective living and encouragement participants build self esteem, confidence, and community.     


Over 200 performances in 20 states plus 6 countries across the globe youth have been exposed to multiple cultures, community struggles, cultural practices and diverse peoples. Through constant tours, conferences, and performances youth gain invaluable knowledge that they bring back to Detroit.   


Our studio and site is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays. Youth are able to drop in at all times of the day or night and find a safe space to create and build.  


Mentoring takes place on multiple levels from peer to peer mentorship and access to industry professionals.  They have multiple opportunities to improve their skills while working in a professional environments.


Youth have access to professional video and camera equipment to produce high quality productions. Beyond equipment young people have acces to learn and develop their skills through workshops, trainings and hands on experience.


Through a series of workshops, trainings and guest speakers, youth learn how to create a business plan, financial literacy practices, marketing and management, business management and overall career development.


At any given time young people may need a place to sleep, a meal or just a safe space. Our program provides a place for young artist to call home on both a temporary and long term level.


Our program is developed and led by people that reflect both the youth’s identity and community background. Cultural competency is key to the success of our work.   

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