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Collectively We Are Culture Creators has performed at over 200 venues and events in over 20 states as well as 6 performances around the world; (Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, The Netherlands, and Paris). Constantly on tour year round the WACC team can be found at an open mic, university event, festival, or self-curated performance on any given day.     


For The Culture

A collective hip hop performance told through the lens of young Black, Native and Latinx youth. Personal narratives over smooth hip-hop beats create an environment of both education and entertainment. This 45-50 min set is followed by a question and answer session.  


Detroit Vs Verses

This performance combines spoken word, social political discussion and live hip hop. Stories from day to day Detroit life covering issues such as gentrification, violence, and community building are mixed into a live show. This 45-50 min set is followed by a question and answer session.  



Understanding your roots is key to understanding where you are and where you are going. This collection of performances and artist monologues recounts the unique and complex story of what it is to be a person of color in a world that all too often works against you. With artists of Native American, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Black, and African identity Culture Creators is uniquely positioned to speak on the importance of diversity from often overlooked perspectives.  



Poetry Corner Writing Workshop  

Writing Hip-Hop Songs

Beat Making For Beginners

Creating An Indie Label

Stencil Making

Door Knocking Youth

Organizing Practices 101

Social Media Marketing For Your Organization

Detroit City Living

Black & Brown Owned and Developed Projects  


Discussion Themes:

Black & Latinx Youth Culture In Detroit

Indie Music: Creating Culture Sustainability through Art and Culture

The Beginning of We Are Culture Creators

Using Music As  A Tool of Resistance



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