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Detroit Alternative Hip Hop Project


“Highly Caffeinated” is the young CurtisRoach’s third project. The mixtape is meant to wake you up and to make sure whoever you are, you never give up on your dreams. Curtis takes his eclectic style and balances, jazz, lofi, hip-hop, jazz hop and classic hip-hop sounds into a alternative hip-hop mix with both lyrical quality and moving production. Highly Caffeinated covers a wide range of topics and issues. On tracks like “Bossin” he discusses the evils of money and greed in today's society and on tracks such as “Somebody Loves You Back” Curtis reminds you there is always someone out in the world that loves you.

From Joey Bada$$ to Kendrick Lamar there’s a new generation of emcees showing mad love to old school hip-hop with their choice of boom-bap beats and flows dipped in that ’90-era swag. Up next of the young bulls that do their hip-hop homework is the microphone fiend, Curtis Roach. Via- Vibe Magazine. Hailing from Detroit, the 17-year-old rhymesayer has released projects, The Avenue in august of 2015 & the openhearted uplifting ep Smile Anyways, that dropped the summer of 2016. Musically inspired by 70s jazz, soul music and late 90s/early 2000s hip-hop Curtis has carved out a sound of his own sound. Curtis Roach never fails to bring something new and refreshing to the table while inspiring others to follow their dreams. “I feel nowadays, especially in music, a lot of people are doing the same thing and it's rare that you find someone who is being themselves,” - Curtis Roach

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