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Jul 14, 2018

Culture Creators x CrowdFreak

BackWoods & BonFires: The Music Festival

On July 14th 2018, prepare yourself to experience one EPIC day and night full of fun, music, art and MORE! The Backwoods -n- Bonfires music festival will be the greatest summertime event on this side of the Midwest! There will be slip -n- slides, adult bouncy houses, live artwork, food, Fireworks and more!! With music from some of the best acts in the Detroit area, this event is sure to be amazing from start to finish! 5 djs, 20+ artist and one EPIC stage! Come fire up a backwood next to one of our several fire pits and have one hell of a time!

Its the backwoods and bonfire music festival! Lets meet, greet and party!!

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Known as a weird ass kid (W.A.K.) Demacio is an anomaly all his own. A student of multiple musical genres: soul, rock, jazz, and classic boom bap hip-hop are all a part of his foundation. His ability to bridge modern flows, socio political content with high level lyricism make him a standout in the new school. His content is drawn from his surroundings the pockets of despair, the pain, hurt, and ugliness of his community and is transformed into beautiful poetry and narratives of both external and internal reflection. He has worked DJ Sicari, Boca Floja, Guilty Simpson, DJ Los and Jamal Bufford of The Black Opera. Demaciiio has performed at over 150 plus venues across the country, even reaching as far as Mexico.